Business Development Manager


Many know us as a leading healthcare agency, which we certainly are. Established in 1977, we are one of the oldest companies in Sri Lanka. However, we see ourselves as more than just that.

Our company is dedicated to enhancing access to essential medical products by partnering with top-tier manufacturers. As a direct importer, we specialize in pharmaceuticals, oncology products, dental care, surgical, and laboratory items. Currently, we are the sole authorized agent for M/s Ain Medicare, Malaysia—a leading global supplier of pharmaceutical, veterinary, and medical device products. Additionally, we are an authorized distributor for the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC).

At Commercial Syndicate Medical (Pvt) Ltd., we see ourselves as a unified team dedicated to fostering a strong connection between the people of our land and the healthcare community. Our mission is driven by a passion for creating a healthier society, and we work together to ensure this vision is realized.

Your health, Our Focus!


  • Pharmaceuticle items
  • Dental equipment and instruments
  • Renal Care (Dialysis) Consumables
  • Surgical items
  • Laboratory items
  • Personal care products
  • Chemicals for healthcare industry


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